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The Hornady® 366 Auto Shotshell Reloading Press is ideal for the avid target shooter. The time-tested design lets you load high-quality, low-cost ammo in a hurry — just set the case and wad in place and pull the handle. The 366 Auto does the rest.


  • AUTOMATIC PRIMER FEED SYSTEM Just pull the handle to prime shells. Smooth and reliable design reduces to nearly zero the chances of crushing the primer. Primer Tube Filler holds a full box of shotshell primers, fills the tube with a turn of the dial and won't drop primers upside-down into the feeder tube.
  • EASY-EMPTY POWDER AND SHOT HOPPER TUBES Entire assembly can be easily removed without spilling — a feature unique to the 366 Auto™. Baffles let powder and shot flow smoothly for more uniform loads from start to finish.
  • 3-STAGE TAPER-LOC™ CRIMPING The 366 Auto™ reliably starts a crimp, closes and tapers for both six- and eight-point crimps and gives a factory taper to shells.
  • SPRING-LOADED SEATER PUNCH (Optional) Set your primer seater to one adjustment with no need to readjust the punch for different brands of hulls (12 or 20 GA).
  • SWING-OUT WAD GUIDE Swing-out wad guide provides better access, speeding up reloading.
  • AUTOMATIC INDEXING Each pull of the lever automatically rotates the shell plate, so you don't have to do it manually.
  • FULL-LENGTH RESIZING STATION The 366 Auto™ give you the choice to resize your shells to factory dimensions or skip this station to speed up reloading.
  • AUTOMATIC SHELL EJECTION Completed shells are automatically ejected behind the press, so you don't have to remove them manually.