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MDT ORYX Bolt-Action Rifle Chassis

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The ORYX is an affordable aluminum chassis that replaces your rifle stock to help provide a more accurate and ergonomic shooting experience.

SA= Short Action 2,3-2,8 inches, ex 6.5 Creedmoor, .308win, .223 etc
LA= Long Action 2,8-3,34 inches, ex 6.5x55, .270win, .30-06 etc

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  • Chassis panels come in ODG
  • Weight: 4.2lbs
  • LOP: 13 - 13.5" (Additional LOP can be achieved with our spacer kit)
  • Material: 6061
  • Finish: MIL Spec Type III hard anodize
  • Accepts AR-15 Grips (included)
  • M-LOK pattern slots along underside of forend
  • Uses AICS pattern magazines
  • Free floating barrel
  • Maximum barrel diameter of 1.250"


The ORYX Chassis was developed as an affordable alternative to a conventional bolt-action rifle stock. Designed with both range performance and hunting portability in mind - the ORYX provides superior ergonomics through it's specialized design.

The ORYX brings your bolt action rifle to the next level in versatility and ergonomics, with an instant improvement in accuracy.

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